About TMP

Tourism Marketing & Promotions (TMP) provides Western Australia’s leading tourism brochure distribution, display and storage services.

The business was recently sold to Vanguard Press who will continue to provide the same services that TMP provided for the past 14 years.

TMP specialises in brochure display & distribution services that are unsurpassed in Western Australia, and a brochure distribution service Australia-wide that is both cost effective and efficient.

TMP provides

  • Cost effective Australia-wide brochure distribution
  • High standard of brochure distribution
  • Secure brochure storage in our warehouse
  • Extensive display & distribution services in the Perth Metro area
  • Guaranteed display in over 140 Perth metro outlets where TMP owns the brochure stand
  • Distribution to hundreds of other Perth metro outlets where we display our clients brochures in the display area provided by that premise
  • Passionate staff who are genuinely dedicated to providing the best service for our clients
  • Product updates and training to staff at display outlets about our clients products
  • Detailed reports to our clients recording the distribution of every brochure

TMP distributes to

  • Hundreds of Perth metro outlets from Yanchep to Mandurah
  • Over 200 regional WA visitor centres and other display outlets
  • Hundreds of interstate visitor centres, travel agents, wholesalers, inbound tour operators, accommodations and other display outlets
  • Trade & consumer shows worldwide
  • International tourism wholesalers, STO’s, travel agents, etc


  • We are proudly a privately owned and operated Western Australian business
  • TMP has brochure stands positioned in carefully selected key locations
  • Some outlets do not permit operators to leave brochures unless part of a distributors stand
  • We are the only distributor that services, and has our own display stands in the Two Rocks, Yanchep & Mandurah areas, on a regular basis
  • We have brochure stands in many outlets that are exclusive to TMP
  • TMP continually sources new display and distribution outlets
  • TMP staff are on the road continually restocking brochure stands and fulfilling orders from our large warehouse
  • We work close with over 200 regional WA outlets to ensure they have sufficient stock of our clients brochures
  • We have established long term business relationships with hundreds of display outlets around Australia and are in regular contact to ensure our clients brochures are receiving maximum exposure
  • We sincerely value our clients business, and care about their product and brochures
  • TMP provides a secure storage facility at our warehouse

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